About Us

Our Story

WESIE Pharmacy Services was birthed out of its parent organisation- WESIE, with the aim of tackling health inequalities through facilitating access to quality & affordable healthcare services, medications and supplements. Our objective is to support individuals and the communities we serve in living healthier lives, to enable healthier collective outcomes.

Who is WESIE?

WESIE is a not for profit organisation, who for over a decade has been inspiring, empowering and enabling young women & their communities through sporting events, seminars, online courses, community health talks, books and various other initiatives. Recent years has seen us using our platform to work more closely with other health stakeholders to provide tailored services that address gaps in health policies and existing services delivered from traditional health settings.

WESIE Pharmacy Services has specifically been set up to enable us work more collaboratively and innovatively directly with patients and other stakeholders to change the narrative for health outcomes in our host communities.

Message From the Founder

For several years I have been educating, mentoring and creating platforms for others to thrive through various health and sport initiatives.

WESIE Pharmacy Services was founded on the back of my global experiences from WESIE, and my professional experiences as a Specialist HIV/ Sexual Health Pharmacist who later transitioned into an Advanced Clinical Pharmacist, in primary care. As well as managing patients at risk of, and with long term conditions, my interests have since evolved into Sexual/ Reproductive Health, and Herbal Medicine.

My combined experiences has led to the creation of WESIE Pharmacy Services. This has been set up to facilitate easy access to tailored, innovative and affordable health services, medications & supplements that empowers & enables individuals achieve their health goals and ultimately, fill the gaps in existing health policies and services delivered from traditional health settings.