With roots in the charity sector, our online services have been created to facilitate easy access to quality and affordable healthcare services, medications and supplements that enable women and their communities achieve better health outcomes. Our areas of expertise include preventing the onset or progression of Long Term Diseases, as well as improving Sexual/ Reproductive Health & Well-being.

What are Our Core Services?

  1. Health Improvement Programme
    • An Online Course on ‘Medicinal Secrets of an African Diet
    • Health Manual
    • Consultation
    • HIP (Personalised Health Improvement Plan)
  2. Sexual Health & Well-being
    • Period Challenges e.g., heavy, irregular or painful periods
    • Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases & HIV
    • Sexual Dysfunction e.g., reduced libido, pain during sex
  3. Reproductive Health
    • Contraception
    • Fertility Support
    • Pre-conception Care
  4. Long Term Conditions
    • Prevention
    • Management Support
    • Medication Review
    • Supplement (& Herb) Review
  5. Travel Support
    • Antimalarials
    • Prevention of Travel Associated Infections e.g., malaria, diarrhoea etc
    • Managing Long Term Conditions When Travelling

What Can We Do for You?

1. Provide confidential and personalised advice related to your condition

2. Provide expert advice on Medications, Supplements and Herbs

3. Provide advice on blood tests, and interpretation of results

4. Provide personalised ‘HIP’s’ (Health Improvement Plans)

5. Provide access to quality, original and affordable Medications & Supplements

6. SAVE you money by ensuring

  • You’re empowered & enabled to manage your own health
  • You only buy what you need, when you need to and
  • Your existing condition doesn’t get any worse

How Much Do We Charge?

We believe quality health care should be accessible to the majority, thus our prices are fair and affordable…. We haven’t included a price list as our personalised approach means prices will often depend on individual requirements. However, we do have set prices for our Unique Health Improvement Programme. With three packages on offer, prices start from £120 or equivalent in other currencies.

Delivery: We aim to organise delivery within 48hrs to 1 week (if abroad) for selected items and 2 to 3 weeks for non stock items.

**PS: Payments can be made online or direct to one of our accounts in the UK or Nigeria. See below for account details…….

  • Account Details:
    • HSBC (UK): WESIE (400107/ 91727168)
    • GTB (Nigeria): WESIE (0152429002)
  • WhatsApp Your Payment Confirmation Receipt to +44 7712 571 750 (with name & contact details)
  • You can also use the information above to pay for our Health Improvement Programme