Health Improvement Programme

Health Improvement Programme

Our Health Improvement Programme is a personalised health care service, that utilises spiritual principles alongside sporting concepts and philosophies to support individuals in achieving their health related goals. Thus may also be referred to as a Health ‘Empowerment’ Programme (HEP). It has been specially created for people of Nigerian and West African descent in Africa and its Diaspora.

What Are The Benefits of The Programme?

The programme has been specially designed to support you’re health and well-being, holistically. It will enable you to overcome a range of health related challenges by doing the following….

  1. Stopping the Onset or Progression of Long Term Diseases
  2. Improving your Sexual Health & Well-being
  3. Improving Your Fertility & Reproductive Health
  4. Decreasing Your Risk of Pregnancy Complications
  5. Supporting Weight Loss
  6. Enabling You to Harness the Medicinal Benefits of an African diet
  7. Reducing Confusion that can Arise from Information Overload!
  8. Providing easy to Follow Practical Tips to Improve Your Health
  9. Empowering You to Take Control of Your Own Health
  10. Facilitating Access to Affordable Supplements & Medications
  11. Providing Tailored Advice on Medications, Supplements, Herbs & Lifestyle
  12. Advising on Blood Tests & Interpretation of Results
  13. SAVINGS!! Through Provision of Unbiased Advice and Interventions!!!

Who is the Programme For??

You’re likely to benefit the most from this programme if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • Nigerian or West African Descent
  • Eat Nigerian or West African Food on a Regular Basis
  • Over 25 Years of Age
  • Have a Family History of Diabetes or Heart Disease/ Hypertension
  • Overweight or Obese
  • Reduced Libido or Sexual Health Challenges
  • Trying for a Baby

What Does The Programme Include??

The programme includes the following:

  • Three Online Health Courses
    • Overcoming Health Barriers
    • Tackling Peculiarities of African Health Challenges &
    • The Medicinal Secrets of an African Diet
  • A Health Manual/ Book on Various Health Influences
  • Health Consultation to address specific healthcare needs
  • HIP‘- A Personalised Health Improvement Plan with advice on Diet, Herbs, Medications, Lifestyle & Supplements

What Options are Available?

‘One size’ rarely fits all when it comes to health and personalised medicine. Thus, there are three package options for you if you’re interested in the programme……..

  • Basic Package: Three Online Modular Courses + Health Manual
  • Advanced Package: Three Online Modular Courses + Health Manual + Consultation + HIP

PS: Payment can be made online or via bank transfer- in which case you will need to send a screenshot of the receipt for us to confirm payment. Reach out to us via Whatsapp (+44 7712 571 750) for payment details and to book an appointment for a consultation.


Its a well known fact that more can always be achieved by working with like minded organisations, than otherwise. Thus, if you’re an organisation or stakeholder that feels this programme could be of benefit to your beneficiaries, then please feel free to reach out to us to discuss further…….