Sexual Health

Sexual Health Clinic

Our Sexual Health Clinic addresses the causes of STD’s or sexual dysfunction, and reduces the impact of other ailments on sexual health. We provide:

  • Sexual Health & Well-being Assessments
  • Personalised Recommendations to Manage Heavy, Irregular or Painful Periods
  • Personalised Recommendations to Manage Sexual Dysfunction (loss of libido, pain during sex etc)
  • Advice & Support to Prevent or Help Manage Sexually Transmitted Diseases & HIV
  • Personalised Recommendations on Helpful Medications, Supplements & Herbs
  • Access to Medications, Supplements & Herbs to Support Your Sexual Health and Well-being

Who Can Benefit From Our Sexual Health Clinic?

  1. Females over the age of 15
  2. If you want to delay or postpone your period
  3. If you have painful periods
  4. If you have heavy bleeding during your period
  5. If you’re unsure of what contraceptive to use and how to use it
  6. If you have unusual symptoms in your private part e.g. discharge or itching
  7. If you have recently experienced a loss in libido
  8. If you’re unsure of the sexual history of your partner
  9. People with multiple partners
  10. If you need medications or supplements for your sexual health & well-being