Travel Clinic

We provide a comprehensive bespoke travel service which includes

  • A Travel Risk Assessment
  • Personalised Recommendations to Prevent Infections e.g., Malaria
  • Personalised Advice to Manage Short & Long Term Conditions when Traveling
  • Providing Access to Affordable Medications or Supplements to (or for) Travel

Who needs a Travel Risk Assessment?

Most people travelling to another part of the world would benefit from a travel risk assessment as being outside your usual environment can automatically increase your vulnerability to a travel associated infection, or the worsening of an existing condition. In particular we strongly recommend a Travel Risk Assessment if:

  1. You are travelling to a place you haven’t been before
  2. You are travelling to a place you haven’t visited in a long while
  3. You have a long- term existing condition(s)
  4. You have a weakened immune system
  5. You’re pregnant or elderly
  6. You’re unsure of what vaccinations or medications you require to help
    • Prevent travel associated infections and     
    • To maintain & support your health & well-being abroad